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Thinking Maps


Grades 2-5 Florida Center for Reading Research

Narrative Text Structure

  Character Characteristics     Compare-A-Character

  Story Line-Up                        Story Book

  Story Element Sort                Story Element Web

  Story Grammar Yammer       Retell Ring

  Retell-A-Story                       Compare-A-Story

Expository Text Structure

Book Look                               Just the Facts

Keys to the Main Idea             Expository Exploration

Main Idea Highlights               Classic Classifying              

Reading the Research

Text Analysis

Fact or Opinion Football          Fiction and Nonfiction Review

Cause and Effect Match          Compare and Contrast

Incredible Inferences               Persuade, Inform, and Entertain Sort

  Monitoring for Understanding

Anticipation Sort                      Background Knowledge Warm-Up

Precise Predictions                 Read and Ask

Question Quest                       Ask and Answer

Simple Summary                    Sum Summary!

Strategic Strategies                Reading Repair


Partner Read to Build Fluency & Comprehension

Reading Partner

Reading Partners
Partner Reading Directions

Amy Mezni's

Teaching Ideas 4UReading Strategies