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Kandinsky Circle Project

Susan Ferdman

2017-18 will be a GREAT year!


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Welcome 3rd Grade in Room 38
Room 38's Newscast - Fall 2017


Fall Multiplication Wizards


Fall AR Super Stars


Multiplication Math Wizards Enjoy Ice Cream


Our Award Winners
Our Award Winners

Click Here for How to Make a Cootie Catcher

Click Here for Leaf Art Lesson 1 (crayon)

Click Here for Leaf Art Lesson 2 (paint)

Click Here for Leaf Rubbing (pencil)

Click Here for Superhumans (Growth Mindset)

Click Here for Teaching a Growth Mindset

Click Here for Learning from Mistakes

Click Here for Vampire Bat Video.

Click Here for White Nose Syndrome Video.

Click Here for Fishing Bat Video.

Bubble Letters - Lowercase
Bubble Letters - Capitals
How do you draw a 3-D word?
How do you draw a bunny?
How do you draw a Ford Flex?
What are xylem?
How do you draw a dog?
Origami Dolphins
Practice Video

Upload movie to vimeo and then attach link. need vimeo account

Click here to access video and thn select earth and chain and put in URL (instead of choosing the lockers where the resources are)