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    Rhyme or No Rhyme

    Matching Rhyme Time

    Rhyme A-LOT_OH!

    Pocket Rhymes

    Rhyme Closed Sort

    Rhyme Pie

    Rhyme Memory Match

    Rhyming Game

    Rhyme Flip Book

Phonological Awareness

Informational Articles

Phonemic Awareness at Reading Rockets

ABC’s of Phonemic Awareness by Robert Sensenbaug

Phonological Awareness: Instructional and Assessment Guidelines by D. J. Chard &S. V. Dickson

Phonological Awareness Continuum


Florida Center for Reading Research


    Reading Rockets Syllables

Onset and Rime

    Quick Pick

    Rime House

    Sound Detective 

    Guessing Game

    Reading Rocket Onset/Rime

Phoneme Manipulating

    Drop and Say

    Name Changes

Phoneme Segmenting and Blending

    Treasure Chest

    Picture Slide

    PBS: Phonemic Awareness Skill Games

Phoneme Isolating

    See It - Sound-It

    The Last Sound is...

    Sound Quest